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sēk Identity

Our Vision

A place where friends relax, revive, and recover while sēking their best selves.

Our Mission

We sēk to improve the health, well-being, and quality of life of all sēkers (our clients, teammates, and friends) by creating a space for people to experience transformative services that promote and complement a lifestyle of healthy living, both internally and externally.

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John & Cat Bryson
John & Cat Bryson

Meet Cat Bryson

A few years ago, Cat was having difficulty fitting it all in...she lacked balance in being a mama, working full-time, working out, finding ways to destress and maintaining a healthy immune system (hello, constant sickness).  In her quest to make it all work, Cat fell in love with infrared saunas!  A space to boost her immune system, disconnect and relax, and get a massive calorie burn all in 30 minutes.  Fast forward to today where Cat is incredibly excited to share her passion with her community within sēk Sauna Studio.

Cat lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with her husband, John, their 3 kids, Lily, Turner & Thane, and one precocious fur ball, Barney.  Cat’s background and passion is health & wellness.  She served as Fitness Director and Personal Trainer at Prairie Life Fitness and has also been a Lululemon Ambassador.

Meet John Bryson

Outside of spending time with Cat, the kids, and Barney, John spends his time with his extended family in Franklin & Nashville.  He believes in a balanced, healthy lifestyle including live music, Kentucky bourbon, working out & tennis...and, of course, recovering 30 minutes a day in an infrared sauna.

1201 Liberty Pike,
Ste. 121, Franklin, TN