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Top 7 Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy

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Infrared light therapy is becoming more and more popular in the world of health and medicine. It has been scientifically proven to provide many health benefits by triggering the cells in our bodies to perform better and cleanse toxins that can hide deep in the cells and impact your whole health. Much like the healthy processes triggered by sunlight, infrared light therapy can therapeutically provide these light spectrums, boosting your overall health. Here are the top 7 ways infrared light therapy can help improve and optimize your health.

1. Natural Detoxification

Environmental toxins can have extremely negative impacts on your total body health. Every day, we absorb environmental toxins, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. Sweating is one of your body's natural ways of eliminating toxins. Infrared light therapy can reach into the deepest cells of your body to support the elimination of toxins and heavy metals.

2. Anti-Aging & Healthy Skin

Collagen and elastin are two proteins found in the skin. Collagen is like the glue holding our bodies together, providing a rigid structure. Elastin is built on collagen and gives skin, tissues, joints, and organs elasticity. As we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen creating aging effects in our skin and bones. The delivery of infrared light therapy triggers the production of collagen, which can help slow the aging process for your skin and body.

3. Immune Health

Fever triggers defensive processes in your body that help fight off illness. Through infrared light therapy, you can bolster your immune system by raising your core body temperature to trigger this response, helping your body to defend against viruses and bacteria before you get sick.

4. Weight Loss

The detoxification from infrared light therapy can reduce inflammation, and the cardiovascular impacts are similar to those benefits seen from a cardio workout. Adding infrared light therapy to your weight management routine can help optimize the impacts of your efforts at the gym while also helping you achieve optimal health.

5. Heart & Cardiovascular Health

Infrared light therapy increases your heart rate with a "passive workout", meaning you don’t have to move a lot. With increased blood flow, the arteries are stimulated, pushing blood through the veins and delivering oxygen to the entire body. This, in turn, gets the whole cardiovascular system moving, helping to reduce high blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart.

6. Healing and relieving sore muscles

Good circulation helps improve healing, and heat therapy is well known for relieving pain in sore muscles and joints. Infrared light therapy heats the tissues and cells from within the body, optimizing the benefits of heat therapy while also improving circulation to speed healing.

7. Relaxation

Science has proven that stress can negatively impact physical health. It can also contribute to memory problems, depression, and anxiety. Relaxation and meditation can allow your body and mind to rest and rejuvenate, eliminating stress and improving overall health. In infrared sauna therapy, you can also take advantage of sound and color therapies to help you reach the optimal state of relaxation.  

Infrared light therapy is more than just a trend- it's here to stay. With so many benefits and positive results, it's no wonder that people are raving about this treatment. At sēk Sauna we can help tailor a therapy plan to help you get the most benefit from infrared light therapy. Contact us today and schedule your session.

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