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The pressotherapy session is 30-minutes. You'll need to wear socks, pants, and a long-sleeved shirt and come to the session well hydrated.
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It can be used alone or as a perfect precursor to your Infrared Sauna session. The Zemits Cesar stimulates the lymph system and helps flush out toxins and fluid retention. Doing an infrared sauna session after a pressotherapy session allows the body to sweat twice as you twice the benefit of your sauna session. The two combined also create more dramatic body contouring so it's a perfect combo before a big event!
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After checking in and getting a brief explanation of what your experience will entail, a sek specialist will lead you to your personal room. The sēk specialist will have you lay down on the massage table and get you comfortable in the pressotherapy suit. Once your session begins, you'll be left to chill out for your 30-minute session. The gentle hugging of your body is extremely soothing so it's not uncommon to fall asleep during your session.
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Should you need the sēk specialist for anything during your time, you can press the call button located next to you.
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The Zemits Cesar will automatically turn off after your 30-minute session. Carefully remove the pressotherapy suit and place it on the massage table. Take your time getting up as you likely have been in a sleepy, blissful state.
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After leaving your personal sanctuary, feel free to lounge, recover and socialize in our sek recovery room. Chill out for a few minutes longer in one of our massage chairs, kick back and read a book, lounge with a face mask since your pores are open and clean, or grab a yoga mat and use one of the many recovery tools we have available for soft tissue work or stretching
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Once you have achieved max bliss, head back into the world to conquer the rest of your day! We'll see you again when you return to sēk this feeling again.

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